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Food Tips & FAQ
How can I lose weight with your meal plans?
You should moderate your calorie intake compared to your energy consumption. Calculate the required amount of calories on our calculator and select a menu with a moderately reduced number of calories. You can drink water, tea and coffee with a small amount of milk according to your needs, but we recommend that you give up sugar, juices, carbonated and alcoholic beverages to control the number of calories per day. To track your progress, we recommend you to be focused not only on your weight but rather on your size and your body measurements.
How is it possible to eat desserts and lose weight?
We have special desserts recipes developed by dietologist and replace sugar by natural sweeteners.
Do I need to cook anything?
No, only heating up selected dishes. That’s the point - we take care of everything: recipes, shopping, cooking and cleaning.
Do you have vegan and vegetarian meals?
Currently we don’t have vegan and vegetarian meals. Please, send us your request and we will inform you when they are introduced.
How do you make your delivery? Do I need to return any package?
The food is delivered for free by courier to your address within canton Geneva and Nyon district (Coppet, Nyon, Gland, Rolle) according to the schedule. The food is delivered in biodegradable and compostable package and you don't need to bother about returns.